Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ghost Shows and Me

 I love watching ghost shows. I have a few faves, Ghost Adventures, Psychic Kids and Paranormal State, just to name a few. I believe that when I watch these type of shows, paranormal things happen more. Recently I have been watching them every day. While I watch them, I start to notice shadows and fuzzy white objects out of the corner of my eye. I usually don't consider those to be a big thing. A week or so ago, I was watching a ghost hunting show. I started to hear a weird noise. Kind of like heavy breathing or the sound of a computer that is running. I paid it no mind believing it to be the cat. (He's fat and breathes heavy when he licks his back.) Finally I look up at him and realize he is not licking himself. He was sleeping. I then heard a whisper clearly say, "Hello?" then I heard, "Can you hear me?" Well, whenever I have had paranormal experiences my eyes tear up. It goes with having empathy. It even happens when a tv show catches real evidence. I know it's real from the tears. Anyways, my eyes began to tear after I heard the whispers. I then felt like something left, or hid. Maybe it mistook my tears as being afraid instead of intrigued...

Friday, November 26, 2010

halloween envoking

so on halloween this year i decided, after a few jello shots, that i would invite the spirits to come visit us as long as they don't try to harm or scare us. bad idea since it seems that the only spirits to hear my call are the type to play little jokes and games with us. more than ever we all are experiencing things disappear. like we'll put something down and look away for a second and then it's gone. always to be found later in a obscure place. it could be coincidence but more and more it happens, not to mention, my daughter has a new imaginary friend she refers to as the blue kid...

Friday, July 9, 2010

My first time communicating with a ghost

this happened shortly after the last. i was still 18 living in a homeless shelter. it was a shelter for teens. the girls i shared a room with told me a story when i first moved in, that a little boy was murdered there and he still hung around. and that he turned of the light at night. i thought it a hoax. the light did turn off, but i thought it a short in the wire. later when we had new girls in the shelter, and the others had gone, making me senior resident, i decided to pass on the "legend". i tell them of the boy. they all say yeah right, you're making it up. so i then decide to play it farther and said, "little boy turn off the light" nothing happened, so i said it again. still nothing, then i said, "little boy, please turn off the light" and it turned off. all of the other girls ran out of the room screaming. i stayed in bead and laughed hard. i wasn't expecting it, but it was funny none the less.

My second ghost

after my first ghost sighting, i was soo scared that i probably blocked out my abilities for a while. but when i was18 i witnessed another spirit. i was living in a homeless shelter that summer. and at the time i was seeing a guy whom i will refer to a new york. well one day new york, a girl whom i will call france, and i were kicking it down town sacramento. we ended stopping into an old record store located near k street mall and the ben davis store. new york asked a woman that worked there if we could take a tour of the basement because he had heard it was haunted. she agreed. so we went down to the basement which was cluttered with a pathway making a circle around it. the woman then started talking about the store and the records with new york and france. as they talked i looked down the pathway. at the end of the path where it turned left was a man. he was tall, wearing a white baseball cap, white baggy shirt, and baggy pants that were more of a shadow than white. i stared for about 30 seconds. then looked over at the others to see if they saw what i did. they were all looking a different way. i looked back to the man and he was gone. then the woman began to lead us down that path. she walks ahead, with new york behind her and me and france walking about five or six feet behind him. as we rounded the corner where i saw the man, we all heard a loud thwack sound. insatantly after, new york jumped and turned around and yelled,"which one of you did that!" i replied,"look how far we are from you!" then the woman said," you just met ____. he died near here and doesn't like young guys." and that was it. we left, and my hunger to see more ghosts blossomed.

My first ghost(s)

Ghosts have been a part of mt life for a long time now. I was 5 years old the first time i saw one. it was late at night, i know this because my grandparents were in bed already, which they go to bed at 11. i remember that i couldn't sleep, i was feeling weird. i was looking about my room from the window on my left, to my closet on my right. when my eyes landed on the dark wooden doors of my closet, i noticed two white swirls. i rubbed my eyes, and looked again. as i was looking, the two swirls took the form of eyes that then blinked and disappeared. i was frightened at that point, so i got out of bed to go to my grandparent's room at the other end of the house. (my room was the garage converted to a den.) as i walked to their room, i passed by the kitchen. i felt the need to look in there. what i saw was what appeared to be an old woman wearing a bunch of blankets or shawls, hunched over the stove, as if to keep warm. well, at that point i was scared out of my wits and ran the rest of the way to my grandmother's room. i climbed into her bed quietly, because she didn't like to be woken up. as i lay there and tried to stop my heartbeat from banging in my ears, another white swirl began to form in the upper left corner of the room. as i stared in shock, the swirl took form as what i now recognize as a court jester. back then i didn't know what it was other than it was scary. to this day, i'm not sure if anyone died there, or if it was my over active imagination, but i've have had many more occurrences.